Citizens association

Goals and objectives of "STAZE" are:
- Scientific and professional research on environmental human rights  and raising  awareness about the content and  protection of environmental  human rights;
- Commitment to the protection of nature;
- Commitment to the protection of cultural monuments;
- Commitment to the development of non-profit sports and recreational activities
In our country there is indescribably rich treasure trove of beautiful and neglected places that cry out for TV promotion. Or, even worse, places that have been known for generations as unique in the world, and because of the lack of resources, knowledge and good will they are gradually decaying.

Our goal and mission is the search for hidden places, old customs, forgotten legends and local culture.

Many landscapes and historical monuments are, in addition to inevitable decay due to the time, exposed to terrible neglect and even deliberate desecration that must be stopped and damage that has been made should be minimized and repaired

The task of quality TV shows about history and travel, among other things, is raising the cultural level of the audience, protection of the environment, preservation of monuments of national importance, the fight against trash and bad taste, silent education of youths.

Our task is to create a different relationship to the overall environment and cultural monuments and to raise awareness of citizens that is systematically filled with TV content of extremely troubled character, cheap entertainment, pandering to the lowest esthetic and ethical criteria…

Our task is to stop the destruction of natural resources, environmental degradation and degradation of places which have national significance and immense social importance.

• The power of television is huge. We want to use some of its power to protect monuments of national importance and natural beauties.

• Television programs which as a theme have travel and history are not a new trend - every serious global television offers them to its users within their programs, and some media and channels offer programs exclusively dedicated to this subject.

We want to provide a new angle of view on some well and less known places, as well as to invite people to visit them.

Some of the institutions that have supported our actions are:

• Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services of Serbia
• Ministry of Culture of Serbia
• Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Serbia
• Ministry of Tourism of Thailand
• MB pivo
• Telekom
• Air France
• British Airways

The aim of our work is that the citizens themselves through their own actions and authorities demonstrate a higher level of understanding, respect and preservation of endangered Serbian natural resources and preservation of monuments of national importance and to give a positive example with their attitude toward them


This means that the presence of Serbia in Europe would increase considerably with the use of its greatest attributes and potential - incomparable history and rarely seen natural resources and beauty.